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I am stay at home mom to three beautiful kids and a self taught photographer. I love to learn all I can about photography and love to take personalized portraits for my clients to help them keep their memories alive. I love to capture the spirit of the those in front of my lens and show who they really are. Please feel free to browse and enjoy. Please contact me with any questions.


Better metering!!

So I have been working on my metering because I really want to get better at getting everything right SOOC (straight out of Camera) I actually went out today to shoot some picts of the kids playing outside. I specifically went out to shoot JPEG! YIKES! its been a while :) and here is what I got.

Mr. Blue Eyes

Backlighting is always a little harder and I was in a hurry since he was on the move, so this one is a little dark but not too bad.

A learned technique from Jasmine Starr, natural reflectors. I used the sidewalk as a reflector and his face is lit. Even though he didn't want to look at me.

Yes even dirty faces can be cute.


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This is a photography blog for Nichole Jensen Photography and things I learn a long the way. I love to learn all I can about taking better photos and using all the fun ways to enhance them.

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